UPS System Repairs

Regrettably, electrical equipment does not last forever and needs attention from time to time. If you do not have a maintenance contract, getting your UPS system repaired can be something of a gamble – who would you call for the best service?

Not all repairs are major or expensive and often they can extend the life of a UPS system by years. However, when a repair is not cost effective UPS Warehouse Ltd can supply and fit a replacement unit from stock.

Due to being manufacturer-independent we are able to offer a repair service for any make and model of UPS system following an initial diagnoses. A diagnoses can be made at times by simply asking a few questions, however at times a site visit would be required. Depending on the size of the UPS system, repairs can be done in-house or on site by our qualified and experienced service technicians.

Contact us today to discuss the problem and suggest a way forward. Our service technicians can carry out a health check visit and provide a full diagnostic report and service as required.

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