EA66160 160kVA/160kW Modular UPS

With extendable capacity of up to 400kVA/400kW in each closet and full DSP digital control technology, the EA660 series is the third generation of three phase high frequency modular UPS. All internal modules (power module, charger module and monitor module) are modularly designed and hot swappable. In addition, they are constructed with smaller modules assuring both system compactness and reliability. Its full isolation design between the fragile components and air flue makes for the best combination of reliability, functionality and flexibility. Moreover, this system adopts advanced N+X wireless parallel and redundancy technology, avoiding single point failure and further strengthening the reliability.



Product Features

  • High frequency on-line double-conversion with DSP digital control technology
  • Hot swappable operation for all modules
  • Inbuilt integrated PDU system, easy installation and economic initial investment
  • Output power factor 1.0
  • Advanced N+X wireless parallel and redundancy technology

EA66160 UPS Data Sheet