About Us

UPS Warehouse Ltd is a New Zealand owned business that has been incorporated after more than 15 years of service to the UPS industry. Our slogan “solutions made simple” describes our drive to customer satisfaction and providing turnkey solutions of the latest technology available in the market today.

Our industry knowledge of products have led us around the world sourcing products that are reliable, serviceable and cost effective to purchase and maintain.

Whether a processing system in a financial institution, critical hospital environment, data-centre infrastructure or manufacturing line, we have the experience, services and products necessary to ensure your power continuity. More importantly, we pride ourselves on:

  • Our passion driving us to go the extra mile
  • Valuing our customers and building relationships
  • The quality, reliability and integrity of our innovative power protection products
  • Service excellence and understanding the importance of pre- and post-sales support
  • The complete satisfaction of our customers

Uniquely trained on multiple technologies, we provide unparalleled service and repairs for a wide range of brands.